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5 Hilarious Hair Mistakes That Guys Made In Quarantine - And How To Fix Them 💇‍♂️

3 months of lockdown is enough to drive anyone to bad hair choices 😅

I think it's safe to say that most of us have experimented with a few things in quarantine - the good, the bad and the "let's never speak of this again"...

So, here's a quick compilation of some of these hilarious decisions, along with a bonus solution on how to fix them - so read till the end! 😉

#1 - Maybe My Mum Could Do It? 🤔

I mean she's a great cook, can cutting hair really be that different? Maybe this'll be the start of something beautiful, and I'll never have to pay for a haircut again! 😲


Don't do it, she is dangerous. She will ruin you and you'll regret it forever.

#2 - A Shameful Shave 😩

Just you and your shaver, mano-a-mano. A fight to the death.

Unfortunately, the shaver has quite a few ways of winning this battle. Either the inevitable knick or scratch happens - orrrr your untrained hands just do a terrible job all-together.

Always a messy one 😢

#3 - "Dying My Hair Pink Is A Great Idea" 👩‍🎤

Why do girls get to have all the fun? I wanna look like an edgy tiktoker too damn it...

Unfortunately, while the result of this decision could satisfy you for a few days, most of the time regret begins to creep in.

Your dad constantly pointing out that you look like a duster from Lidl doesn't help either 🤣

#4 - The Tal-Lira Ryan Reynolds 😂

So you look up some cool celebrity haircuts on Google, you look up a few YouTube tutorials and decide - you know what? I'll just do this myself.

Putting your head inside your fruit blender probably would have been a better decision...

Not only do you look absolutely nothing like Ryan Reynolds, but you look like you lost to him in a bar fight at Big G's. Ouch.

#5 - Letting Your Hair Grow Out Caveman Style 🦖

On the bright side, you didn't make all the above mistakes right?

Painfully enough though, quarantine is a catch-22, meaning that even if you don't do anything - you're still making a mistake.

This can be clearly seen through the bird's nest that's grown on your head; straggly, messy and devoid of any kind of style except "2020 Tarzan"

Not To Worry - Time For A New You 😎

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