• Ryan Calleja Urry

6 Great Tips On Getting Rid Of Distractions At Home For A Focused Study Sesh 🎓

When studying at home, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind to maximise your efficiency. You might not realise it but your house is a minefield of distractions, with one wrong step leading to a completely wasted day & loads of guilt.

This is a guide on how to avoid that 😉

1. Siblings Are Distraction Machines 🤖

If you're lucky enough to have an older sibling that helps you with studies, ignore this. For everyone else though, your annoying brother or sister is a huge distraction to your zen mode, especially when they're younger.

Apart from siblings, playing with your pet is also a source of procrastination, so leave Fluffy with your parents for a while and get focused.

all siblings are pure evil

2. Create A Schedule You Aren't Afraid Of 😎

It's way easier to stick to a timed schedule, when you actually make one. The trick is to create a schedule that you'd be happy to follow. If you treat yourself like a study slave you will rebel. Accept that this study session is a necessary sacrifice to better your future.

Let go of the desire to binge Netflix and embrace the role of working to get a great grade.

If you know you've never managed 2 hours of straight focus in your entire life then maybe that's too big of a goal, aim for 30 minutes of work and a 5-minute break. Rinse and repeat.

encouraging yourself is important :)

3. Take Breaks & Stay Hydrated 💧

Following on the above, breaks are important. It's way better to have multiple 5-minute breaks throughout the day than to force yourself to study for 2 hours then get fed up and procrastinate the next 7 hours away. Balance is key.

Also, don't underestimate the power of a bottle of water. Staying hydrated keeps your mind sharp and focused, balances your mood and maintains memory function.

even trump knows

4. Get Your Chores Out Of The Way 👔

There's nothing worse than when you're actually getting work done but you get interrupted by your mum nagging at you to clean your room.

Firstly mum, it's messy cos all my notes are out, secondly - why would I make my bed if I'm sleeping in 2 hours?? Please go watch X-factor and leave me alone.

5. Turn Off The Groupchats 💬 🚫

Realistically, you should straight up turn off your phone, because it offers no value towards your studies. You should especially turn off chats though, trying to focus while juggling Nicole's drama and dank memes from the "We Hate Bio 😭" chat is impossible.

Remove. All. Distractions.

get back to work

6. Get Your Food Delivered 🍕

No family dinners and no cooking yourself, you need an uninterrupted bubble of focus. So why not get some great food delivered to your doorstep?

A great option, for example, is one of Malta's hottest food spots right now, Kebab Factory. They've got burgers, pizzas, kebabs and they've just officially partnered with Timetoeat - so you can order delivery right now 😍

They've also got some great foodporn on Instagram. Oh, and if you haven't tried one of there legendary wraps yet....you're really missing out.

pretty wide selection

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