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5 Fantastic Black Friday Deals For Students In Malta To Save BIG On Tech This Weekend 🤑 💻

Saving Season 💰

2020 has been a little bit of a rough time, luckily, one of the best days of the year is finally upon us! We've compiled a list of Malta's tech giants and their respective offers for you to browse, and hopefully save some money on!

If you'd like to visit any of the websites of the brands listed, to see their offers and discounts in full, just click the relevant images ❤️

#1 - Forestals 🤑

Starting off with one of the most extensive stocks on our list, Forestals have offers up to 80% off their massive range of products.

From 4k HD TVs, to top-end Sony cameras, laptops, headsets, watches, home appliances & much more! You can check out all of their Black Friday offers here 👈

#2 - Intercomp 📸

Up next, Intercomp, who have loads great offers on TVs, sound equipment & cameras too.

Bonus: Making a purchase with Intercomp warns you lava rewards points, which you can use later to get even more discounts! You can learn more about Lava Rewards here 👈

#3 - iCentre 🍎

iCentre are offering excellent discounts on their range of Apple products, but they didn't stop there! You can find offers between 20% and 30% on a variety of other brands too.

#4 - Ultimate 🎶

On the hunt for a new a coffee machine? Maybe a portable speaker or a pair of top-tier noise-cancelling headphones? Ultimate have you covered with some excellent discounts.

Like Forestals, they've got more than just tech, with plenty of home appliances on sale too!

#5 - A to Z 💸

A to Z are very much living up to their name this Black Friday, offering significant discounts on a huge amount of different products: sound systems, to projectors, to TVs & laptops, to shavers, mini-fridges, hand sanitisers - anything you can think of really!

#6 - Klikk 👨‍💻

Coming in with more discounts on great tech this weekend are Klikk, who are offering low prices on wireless headphones, new phones, pc accessories, watches & more.

You can find their website here ⚡️

#7 - Scan ⌚️

Last but not least, Scan. Being one of the leaders in Malta's tech scene for a while, Scan have held nothing back this Black Friday. They've had offers running all November in fact, with amazing discounts on phones, cameras, laptops and much much more.

You can check their full list of offers out here 🙌

Happy Saving 💰

Hopefully, you find at least a few options on the above websites to spend on. A little shopping therapy never hurt anyone, treat yourself!

Plus keep in mind, Christmas is coming up suuuuper soon, so now might be the perfect time to buy some gifts for you family, or your secret santas 🎅

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