• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Core Strategies For Brands To Reach Malta's Youth Demo & Stand Out Through Digital Adverts 🔔

Communication is key 🔑

When advertising to your audience, it's very important to speak their language. This can be done in a number of different ways, below are a compilation of our 5 best tips, enjoy 😇

#1 - Your Identity Is Essential 👁

Maintaining a strong brand identity in your advertisements is very important. The visuals you use should represent your brand's unique voice, blending brand colours and high-quality images that allow you to stand out from your competitors.

There are plenty of ways you can express your identity in your content.

The way we do it for our clients at FreeHour, for example, is through In-App Banners - which are digital billboards at the bottom of our app, as well as Social Media Posts - which are content pieces that aim to educate our audience about a particular brand, student offer, event or job opportunity in the most organic way possible.

#2 - Tone Is Everything 🎓

Following up on the previous point, a big part of your brand's identity is its tone. Tone is how you speak to your customers, and in turn, how your customers feel when they interact with your brand. In light of this, you need to always be creating with your target audience in mind.

Great tone means having a cohesive mix of interesting visuals & top-level copywriting which must be contextual to the age, gender, locality & income level of your target audience. This will change depending on what your audience is expecting to see & how your brand wants to be portrayed. (ex. a luxury brand should have an elegant & premium tone)

Through FreeHour's Students Blog, we are able to create written articles for our clients which are tailor-made for that client's specific brand, ensuring it is appealing to the student audience. We make use of gifs, attractive designs, colours, as well as very high-level English that aims to be easily understandable & engaging to ensure the reader doesn't tune out.

You can find some example articles here for: University of Malta, Eeetwell & Bravo ❤️

#3 - Always Give Value 🌟

One of the most important things you can do is to give back to your community. Think of it this way, as a consumer you're constantly being bombarded by people that want something from you. "Sign up for this, buy this, pay attention to this!"

You need to break this pattern.

We encourage our clients to always choose advertising methods that give value back to the audience. One way we do that is through our Student Discounts, which are a discount on your brand's product, to get students into your purchasing funnel.

We also highly encourage Giveaway Competitions, which receive extremely positive engagement on our social pages, being that the younger demographic loves the word FREE!

The way those work is: a brand will offer a prize for students in exchange for a follow, tag & share on Social Media, this results in some crazy audience-building campaigns.

We've done this many times for clients like Bolt, Deloitte, Hermanos, Benna & many more who have used our platform to grow their online audience by over 1,500 followers in the span of 7 days, proving that providing value to students is a great way to their hearts.

#4 - Appropriate Affiliation 🤝

If you're a parent, you've probably told your children at some point that they're a reflection of you - brand affiliation works the same way. Associating yourself with brands that have a similar voice to yours not only amplifies your brand identity but also builds your reputation, leading to eventual increased sales & engagement rates.

It's also important to note that brands with high followers don't necessarily correlate with good advertising campaigns. This is because the only metric that truly matters when it comes to selecting a brand to collaborate with is: engagement rate.

This term refers to the percentage of a brand's total followers that engages on an average post of theirs. The average engagement rate is roughly 0.5% - 1%. FreeHour's is 7.3% 😉

#5 - Platform Matters 📲

Different platforms get different levels of engagement, depending on the type of content you post. Instagram for example, is more centred around entertainment, whereas Facebook may appeal to more casual news articles or posts from your friends.

There are also certain platforms that are doing particularly well in terms of social reach.

When it comes to students & youths in Malta, there has been a noticeable shift in engagement & eyeballs from Facebook to Instagram, with TikTok also becoming more & more relevant each day. The FreeHour app also sees up to 4 app opens by every student, every day, meaning it has also become one of the core apps used daily by Malta's youths.

This is evidently seen through FreeHour's content, whereby our average engagement on Instagram gets 6,000+ story views & over 1,350 likes, whereby on Facebook these numbers would be close towards the hundred region. This shows where students are really spending their time & where they feel most comfortable consuming & engaging with content.

Want to appeal to a younger demographic? 📲

FreeHour's audience captures around 90% of Malta's student population, and we do plenty of tailored advertising for clients which can set your brand apart in the eyes of youths.

If you haven't heard, we'll also be hosting a Digital Freshers' Month! Here, we'll be hosting loads of giveaways with 30+ different brands. Claim your virtual stand today! Click here 👈

If you'd rather speak to someone, you can contact our Head Of Sales, Sean Abela, on sean@freehour.eu / +356 7979 0522 to get your first student campaign up & running 🥰