• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Classic Interview Questions And How To Effortlessly Cruise Through Them 🏄‍♂️

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It's Time ⏱

Whether you're an interview veteran or not, you should know by now that there are some questions that interviewers just love to ask.

Most of the time, these questions are quite annoying to answer and can catch you off guard, so, we've decided to give you some quick tips in preparation 👇


1. "Tell Me A Bit About Yourself."

This is almost guaranteed to be the first question you hear in your interview, a great way to answer is by discussing your interests.

Your interests say a lot about you - do you like to cook? go on hikes? paint? After you mention these interests, mention why you enjoy them for some bonus points.

You can also talk about certain decisions you've made in your life and why you made them, why did you choose the subjects you chose? Where have you travelled to? And so on.


2. "What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses?"

The age-old way of solving this problem is to name a weakness, then flip it in a way that it could possibly come across as a strength. This can work, but it isn't the best approach...

instead try to choose an actual weakness that you struggle with, and talk about how you're working to improve it. Be honest with your struggles, mention the origins of the problem and the consistent effort you're putting in to becoming a better person.

What you want to make sure comes across here is your level of self-awareness and your constant willingness to grow.


3. "Why Should We Hire You?"

Since you can't really compare yourself to people you don't know, don't even try. Don't say how you're better than your peers, don't put other candidates down - just be genuine.

Use this question as a chance to highlight strengths of yours that haven't yet come up in the interview, use examples from previous work experiences that show you're a hard worker or mention various achievements that prove you'd be an ideal option for any employer.


4. "What Was Your Salary In Your Last Job?"

Ideally you'd want to be honest with this, but it's not always that simple. It's a tough question to answer because most interviewers ask to gain leverage in pay negotiations.

What you should do is research ahead of time what the salary for this position is, or at least what the expected salary is based on the industry standard.

Then, you can flip the script on your interviewer and say something like "I'm looking for jobs that are within the €30k range, is this position in that range?"

They may answer you, they may not, but at the very least you've put your desires on the table and haven't given all your power away.


5. "What Questions Do You Have For Me?"

Even if your interviewer doesn't ask this question, you should definitely come prepared with questions of your own that you'd like to ask.

Here, you should ask questions that put the interviewer on the defensive. Ask about company culture, employee benefits and growth opportunities. Show them that you won't simply take any job you're given, this establishes you as someone who's time is valuable.


Stay Confident!

Above all, you shouldn't get in your head about these kinds of questions.

Most of the time, interviewers are simply trying to learn more about you and have no desire to trick you or trip you up. Focus on being honest and have a real conversation.

Good luck out there 😇


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