• Ryan Calleja Urry

45-Year Old Maltese Man Caught In Manchester Having Afternoon Sex In The Middle Of The Street 😳

Who Says Romance Is Dead? 🇬🇧

It was just another afternoon in Manchester, or so the locals at the bus stop thought...

Jonathon Pisani - yes, "Jonathon" - was arrested for having sexual intercourse with 40-year-old Kate Jackson after they shared a bottle of cider together...

The pair didn't know each other, but struck up a conversation after Kate's bus got delayed - sounds like fate to me. Apparently, right after Jonathon offered Kate a sip of his cider, the two started kissing, and stepped it up a notch by cuddling - on the pavement.

Before police officers arrived at the scene, the call they received was that of an alleged rape taking place by the bus stop, but in fact CCTV cameras later showed that Kate willingly pulled Jonathon on top of her, after which they began having sex in front of everyone.

Keep in mind, this is a busy Manchester street, in the middle of the afternoon...

After bringing immense shame to Malta's treasured Pisani surname, Jonathon was jailed to 11 weeks for public indecency.

As for Kate, her lawyers were pretty embarrassed to say the least. They put Kate's behaviour down to the alcohol mixing with her bipolar disorder, probably not the best idea.

Sounds like the 2020 Romeo & Juliet if you ask us 😂

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