• Ryan Calleja Urry

40% Of FreeHour Students Haven't Had Their Maintenance Grants Processed - Almost A Month Late 😳

A Poorly Handled Situation 😕

Following a few poorly organised exam sessions amid some high case numbers and now the non-stop monotonous zoom classes, things don't seem to be getting much better for students this year...

On FreeHour's Instagram account, we posted 2 stories asking students the current status of their maintenance grants, the results of which were quite disappointing...

Almost a month after maintenance grants started rolling out, 40% of students have said that their maintenance grant applications have still not even been processed, let alone received.

Of the students who's maintenance grant applications were processed, only 50% have actually received their grants. Again this comes almost a month after students started reporting that grants were being sent out.

This means that only around 30 - 40% of our students have received their maintenance grant so far.

Covid Complications 😞

Unfortunately, we can probably put this lateness down to COVID-19, although no official reasons have been announced.

There are a few students that have reported school-related signatures are still being sorted out though, with regards to a few Erasmus trips being cut short last May - due to the virus,

Patience Is Key 🔑

Your cash will come soon, we promise. While you wait, just try not to spend what little cash you may have left, as tempting as it may be - you're gonna need as much cash as possible to go shopping in Christmas 🎅

This is a developing story, we'll keep you updated as things progress.

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