• Ryan Calleja Urry

4 Things You Learned At School That Will Help You Excel In Your Career ✅

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Did You Actually Learn Anything At School? 🤔

Probably! In fact, we think that school has taught you a lot of things you might have taken for granted at this point. Maybe you won't always use formulas & equations in your 9 to 5, but the following will definitely be useful...

1. Organisational Skills 📚

The most obvious skill that you've hopefully gained from your years of school so far is the ability to stay organised. You'll need to be super organised to manage the different aspects of your new job, be it for administrative documents, project work or managing clients.

Whether you make use of multiple colour coded flat files, online word & excel documents, or even small flashcards - having a system is important.

2. Being Presentable 👔

Going to school looking messy or wearing a wrong piece of uniform would usually get you in instant trouble. So, be sure you carry over this attitude of being formal and well behaved when hitting your workspace.

These small touches - of always being dressed nice, smelling good, being punctual and so on will earn you loads of bonus points with your bosses and colleagues. It adds a sense of respect and ensures people take you seriously.

3. Presenting Your Point 📣

One of the most tangible skills that you'll carry forward to your career is the ability to confidently give presentations. Okay, maybe you're not perfectly confident, but the fact that you can stand up in front of a crowd and pitch your ideas will prove to be an essential skill.

Not only is this important when discussing ideas with your peers - but when asking for a raise, selling to clients, talking to customers not to mention giving actual presentations!

4. At-Home Focus 😅

A positive from Covid-19? Could it be? Yep...By now, you've probably spent many many days "going to school" from the comfort of your own bedroom, right?

You've also probably began to get into routine and find ways of getting sh*t done - this is quite convenient, because when you do get into that new job, you'll be prepared if Covid restrictions are ever strengthened or enforced.

Working at home can get tedious at times, but at least you'll be prepared this time around!

School Wasn't Useless! 😇

The above are just a few ways school has helped prepare you for the real world.

In reality, you've also learned a lot about being responsible, getting focused, respecting those in authority - as well as loads of other things.

Make sure you https://www.freehour.eu/post/february-is-black-history-month-watch-these-5-short-videos-to-get-educated-on-black-history in the workplace!

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