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4 Pro Tips For Chemistry, Physics & Biology From Fellow O / A Level Students 😉 🔬

Last-Minute Tips ⏳

Yesterday, on our Instagram stories, we asked our community to submit their best tips for O & A-Level Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Here's some advice from your fellow students 👇

First Up, Physics 👨‍🔬

#1 - Make use of YouTube to get step-by-step explanations on topics you still don't understand. There are hundreds of videos out there from many different teachers.

#2 - Work out lots of examples, get very familiar with past papers question formats & make use of flashcards to learn your laws. Visual notes will help your memory.

#3 - Allocate a set amount of time for every section, check the clock after every question to stay on track with your plan, and don't overthink!

#4 - Always recheck your calculations if you have extra time and be particularly careful of how many decimal places are being asked for your answer.

Next, Chemistry 🧪

#1 - Past papers are a huge point here, questions get repeated, make sure you're ready!

#2 - Don't let the pressure get to you. You've done the studying, you know what you know at this point. Stay calm. You will not give good answers while panicking.

#3 - Double-check balancing in equations, be very familiar with the different types of calculations that can come out & always show all the steps in your workings.

#4 - Don't forget the states, remember your basic equations & know your qualitative well!

Finally, Biology 🧬

#1 - Make sure to include specific details in your essays, make use of proper structure & mention key topic points that examiners will be looking for.

#2 - Again - flashcards, short notes & past papers are your best friends.

#3 - Think for yourself, don't rely on memorisations. Practice!

#4 - Practice your essays, use mnemonics to help your memory & make sure your diagrams are neatly drawn and properly labelled.

Stay Strong 💪

A huge good luck goes out to all our science students facing their O & A Level exams in the coming days. Be confident, manage your time wisely & don't let panic win!

Now go get back to work! You can do this 🙏

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