4 Important Takeaways From This Week's Tragedy & How Students Can Directly Help Miriam’s Family 💔🙏

After this week's tragic building collapse, which marked the fourth such case since the beginning of 2019, here are a few points detailing what contributed to this disaster.

Please read to the end to find out how to donate to & support the Pace family.


1. Problematic Planning 😒

The first problem was that the developers failed to provide the Planning Authority (PA) with a commencement notice before beginning site excavation works.

As you might imagine, it's part of construction law that anyone carrying out development must submit the commencement notice at least five days before the project begins.

In a social media post that has since been deleted, the PA said that “it was not informed that the works had commenced”.


2. Dangerous Directors 🚧

Another 2 big problems were the contractor & the architect involved. The contractor unfortunately had a previous history of dangerous construction sites, with two of his previous projects having been sealed off for breaching safety regulations.

past construction issues in Mellieha

Furthermore, the site’s architect Roderick Camillieri, also happens to be a shareholder in the development of the project. This obviously raises concerns of foul play as many have claimed that since Roderick is invested in the outcome of the project, he could easily be cutting corners in terms of safety measures in order to save money.

Since the incident, Roderick has been suspended from his position as part of the Malta Development Association.


3. Political Priorities 🤔

“Various sectors such as blockchain and gaming have received Government’s deserved attention over recent years, yet the construction industry, which is one of the main contributors to the country’s GDP, remains the most unregulated one, claiming the lives of innocent people on an all too regular basis” - say the Chamber of Architects.

After three apartment blocks collapsed during the first seven months of 2019, the government promised serious reform...

another mishap in 2019

“Some initial progress has been registered through the setting up of the Building and Construction Agency, but this remains severely under-resourced and incapable of tackling the complexities of the building industry. Unfortunately, there has been little progress in all other areas.” they concluded.


4. Kind Companies 🛋

It's important to recognise that we are stepping up as a community to fight those in power. There's been loads of support from the general public, with a protest of around 300 people being held yesterday in Miriam's neighbourhood of Ħamrun - as well as another protest being held this Saturday.

Apart from the Maltese public, both Forestals and Distinct Homes have reached out to Miriam's family, offering to supply them with free products for their new home. Forestals have offered their home appliances, while Distinct Homes have offered their furniture. Very kind.

If you can attend the aforementioned protest, please make your voice heard.


How You Can Help - The ĊAMYouths Care Fund 💵

Apart from attending the coming protest, you can also support the family by donating to this official fund that has been set up by ĊAMYouths - an organisation of which the entire Pace family are members.

Donations can be sent by SMS to the following numbers:

50618940 – €6.99 50619236 – €11.65

You can also donate through online banking:

Bank Account Holder Name: CAMYouths IBAN: MT16VALL22013000000040020040990

BIC / SWIFT: VALLMTMT Transfer Reference: CY4Pace


Since the incident - 6 people involved in the construction works have since been arrested including the site technical officer, the architect, 2 construction workers & 2 contractors. This is an ongoing story.

If you can afford to help the Pace family, please do so. If you can spare some time this Saturday to attend the protest, that would be great too. We must make a stand to affect change.