Calling All 6th Formers! 4 Official Proposals Have Been Put Forward To Solve MATSEC Exam Worries 📚

Earlier this week KNŻ ( Kunsill Nazzjonali taż-Żgħażagħ ) sent a follow-up email to Hon. Owen Bonnici explaining the Council’s full recommendations regarding MATSEC Examinations procedures amid the Covid-19 situation.

It's kind of a long & detailed one, but don't worry, we've summarised it for you 🥰

The KNŻ Official Statement ✍️

The above letter was sent out to students following multiple meetings held between KNŻ and local student councils including KSJC, SAC 6th Form Student Council, DLS 6th Form Student Council, SRC Higher Secondary, ITSC and KSM - as well as feedback from KNŻ's member organisations.

The following proposals are the above councils' ideas of what changes should be made 😌

Proposal #1

"All examinations should be pushed by 2 to 3 weeks, whilst not excluding the possibility of further delay"

Proposal #2

"Enough time is kept for resits & for the application to further educational institutions such as University"

Proposal #3

"Oral examinations should be reinstated & scheduled for after the written examinations period, during the time when practical sessions take place"

Proposal #4 (regarding exams)

• All desks positioned at least 1 metre apart

Social distancing is to apply for students who are waiting outside the class as well as inside

Sanitizers are present for all students & staff

Desks & chairs are cleaned between sessions

Screening occurs prior to allowing the students to enter the examination hall

*Note - Even though KNŻ & school councils have agreed & proposed these ideas, that doesn't mean that they'll go through. Now, it's up to officials within the government to decide whether or not these suggestions are actually put into action.

What do you think? Are these proposals enough to keep students safe?

Are they sufficient in terms of maintaining structure & fairness around coming examinations? 🤔

Let us know by commenting your opinion in the Facebook comments of this post 😇