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4 Core Tips To Fight Exam Anxiety & Keep Calm In That MATSEC Room 😁

Exam season is here 😒

Painful, annoying and unfortunately - very necessary. It's time to face the music. It's time to sit in that exam hall and do your very best to get the grades you deserve.

Coming up are a quick list of tips for achieving those grades & avoid getting in your own way.

#1 - Preparation Is Half The Battle 😇

Firstly, prepare everything you'll need for the exam the night before, never the morning of. This way you've got no rush & have ample time to arrive early.

Next up, when you arrive at your designated venue, make sure you visit the toilet. You don't ever want a bathroom break interrupting your focus mid-essay.

Lastly, make sure to eat a good, light breakfast. Now, I know what you're thinking, "but I won't be hungryyy 😩" F*ck that, you have to eat something. Without food you'll have less energy and your concentration & focus will suffer as a result. Eat.

#2 - Stop Holding Your Breath 👀

Don't laugh okay, this is real advice. Anxiety can be directly controlled via your breathing. You've heard that before right? So, make it a point to actively start practising breathing exercises during your exam. They work.

Slowing your heart rate through deep breathing, or even making use of certain calming techniques like "box breathing" are super helpful. If you didn't know, box breathing is a method where you inhale, hold it, exhale, then hold again - for 4 seconds per stage.

You can find a more detailed explanation here - try it out! ❤️

#3 - 1 Smile = 10 Marks 😊

Okay don't literally start smiling at your exam paper, that's a bit loony, but definitely try your best to maintain a positive mindset! The more you think negatively about your answers, or overthink certain questions, the worse you're going to do. Fact.

Focus on answering what you know. Write with confidence, be optimistic and most of all think positively! There's no use in adding extra pressure to your already stressed brain by talking to yourself negatively and being pessimistic. The glass is half full.

#4 - Good Plans Save Lives ⏳

There's nothing more important than planning out your paper. Firstly, read through every question, and mark in pencil which ones you aren't sure of, so you do those last.

(This way, you get through a big chunk of the exam working confidently and re-remembering certain details that may help you for the rest of the questions)

After you've read all the questions and marked appropriately, give yourself a rough amount of time for each question and make sure to time yourself. It makes no sense to waste 20 minutes on a 3 mark question.

When it's time to move on, move on. Otherwise you're only hurting yourself.

You can do this 👩‍🎓

Trust me, we've all been there. The best you can do is believe in yourself and keep going no matter what. Don't let fear get the best of you! Panic will only hurt your chances.

Btw! We'll be giving you loads more tips during this exam season. Stay tuned 😉

Good Luck ❤️

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