• Daniel Tihn

4,600 Trees Lost In Fire Which Raged Across Miżieb 🔥🌳

Late last June, approximately 4,600 trees were lost to a fire, Environment Minister Jose Herrera said yesterday, Tuesday 2nd June.

Between the 22nd & 23rd of June, a grass fire spread across Il-Miżieb which, considering that it is one of Malta's largest woodland areas, was quite devastating to the local environment.

Image courtesy of TVM

When Nationalist MP Robert Cutajar asked about how the fire started, Herrera responded by saying that his ministry is already carrying out inspections into how the fire may have sparked. Herrera also added that investigations were being held by the Police and the Civil Protection Department.

An analysis report has pointed out multiple attributes that may have helped the fire spread such as a lack of bio-diversity, accessible water points, and highly flammable species of trees.

Image courtesy of TVM

It took firefighters 48 hours to put out the fire due to its intensity and speed at spreading across the 15 hectares (1 hectare is a 100m by 100m square) of flora. Mainly Acacia, Gumtree, Olive, and Aleppo Pine trees were hurt in this large fire.

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