3D Printing & Advice From Experts - MITA Make Dissertation Fears A Thing Of The Past 😇

MITA are currently running an initiative which is inviting students to get involved with their brand new Emerging Technologies Lab - based in Blata l-Bajda. Students can learn about the industry, tinker with any of the technologies available or even make use of the space for research / projects.

I can 3D print...anything? 🤯

I mean there's a size limit, but yeah pretty much! In MITA's lab, you'll get full access to their 3D printer, as well as virtual & augmented reality sets. Have your own software you need to test out? You can test it alongside the guidance of their expert staff. They also have loads of different resources available that you can use for work.

As for the workspace itself, it's very modern & comfortable, there's a chill sofa area where you can sit and work with your friends - it's a super cool environment for budding techies.

Assignment & Dissertation Life Savers 😍

Need to create a model? Have a particular assignment with a lot of moving parts? Not only can you make use of all MITA's devices for free - but you get to speak to people with a passion for their field who've been through their fair share of Uni stress too!

In other words, you'll get top-level insight from people who were most probably in your exact classroom a few years back - super helpful for getting advice & possibly learning about the field you'll be working within in the near future 😇

Interested? Have any questions?

You can contact MITA directly on this e-mail emergingtech.mita@gov.mt 🥰 Get in touch!