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FreeHour Launch Malta's First Virtual Freshers' Month Inc. New Game, 15 Giveaways & Online Stands 🚀

The Freshers' Tab is back.

Strap in, we've got a lot to tell you 😉

The Brand New Freshers' Month 🌟

With COVID-19 impacting physical attendance this semester, we’ve been hard at work creating something special to kick off the year in style. So, after a lot of planning, we've partnered up with Vodafone to create Malta’s first-ever fully virtual Freshers’ Month.

This will be done through FreeHour Version 6 - now including:

 30 Days Of Giveaways - enter our wide-ranging competitions from some of Malta’s largest brands, revealed every 2 days with a total of 15 fantastic prizes.

• Virtual Stands - browse & swipe through an organised list of online stands representing different student organisations & brands to benefit from loads of Back To School Offers.

Freshers' Tap Challenge - tap as fast as you can for 15 seconds & compete against your friends to WIN Custom Bluetooth Speakers & an iPhone 11 grand prize 🏆

Let's get into it...

30 Days,15 Prizes 😍

If you're a loyal FreeHour supporter, you may remember that we've done 'Giveaway Months' like this a few times before - once last Christmas & at the start of Malta's lockdown in March.

This time, we're back collaborating with a wide range of local brands for Freshers' Month, like iCentre, Wolt, EuroSport, Plaza & many many more. You'll get the chance to win anything from huge cash prizes, to brand new tech, to premium apparel 🔥

New giveaways will be launched every 2 days, and all you have to do to win is follow the instructions provided on the FreeHour app. Winners will start being revealed midway through the month on our Instagram Stories, so be sure to drop @freehour_malta a follow 😉

Virtual Stands For Brands & Student Organisations 👩‍💻

Due to COVID-19, the usual Freshers' Week stands have been significantly dialled back. This doesn't mean that student organisations won't still have a presence, however a far smaller one than previous years.

With FreeHour's Virtual Stands though, we've created a hub where students from ALL schools across the island can come together in one place, to learn about their courses, find out more about local student organisations, and interact with student favourite brands.

On the Freehour app, you can sort between business & faculty stands, where you can learn more about the benefits of each organisation's Back To School campaign!

The iPhone 11 Tap Challenge 🤩

Over the past few months, our app developers have been working long hours to give last year's Freshers' Tab an upgrade. To do this, we've created a fully-fledged Tap Game from scratch, equipped with leaderboards & of course an iPhone 11 grand prize!

Stay tuned! While the giveaways and stands sections are currently live on the FreeHour App, the tap challenge will be releasing in the next few days - we'll let you know when it's out 😉

It's gonna be a good one 💙

Bonus Updates 😍

We’ve also made some significant updates to FreeHour’s core features, including a newly optimised timetable UI with the option to show venues in the main timetable screen + an improved Tasks & Assignments section.

We’ve also changed the way you can add friends! No more Facebook or email needed, just search the name of anyone who you want to become friends with & add them with ease.

Stick Around! 😇

We've got loads of exciting content on the way. Be sure to check out the Student Offers section of our app for extra discounts, and maybe consider entering our Close Friends 😉

Above all, we'd like to thank our partners Vodafone for helping us make all of the above possible. Right now, they're offering some excellent youth plans starting at just €7.99 & €11.99 - with some amazing benefits like data rollover and over 40GB of data 😲

If you'd like to learn more about Voda's brand new Youth Plans and everything else on offer this semester, just click here 👈

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