• Ryan Calleja Urry

3 Weeks To Winter! Malta & Gozo Getting Ready To Face A Windy & Rainy Week Ahead ☔️

Get Your Quilts Out 😍

We're finally starting to feel some icy temperature in Malta over the last few weeks, and things are definitely not slowing down! We can taste the hot chocolate already 🥰

According to official Malta Weather Facebook page, a number of mid-latitude cyclones are about to fly through the Mediterranean, reaching their peak at around mid-December.

This is leading many to believe that a potential cold outbreak could be heading our way towards the end of the month!

According to Malta's current 7-Day Forecast, which is powered by Malta's International Airport, 4 out of the upcoming 7 days are predicted to be rainy.

Another 4 days are expected to have strong winds.

Temperatures are only expected to rise to a maximum of 21 degrees, and will go as low as 12 degrees on multiple occasions!

Hoodie O'Clock 🥳

We don't know about you guys, but curling up under a big blanket by the TV is about the best way we can imagine ending off this painful year...

Make sure to stock up on loads of smores, and get wood for the fireplace, winter's comin! 🥶

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