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€3 Million To Be Invested In Urban Greenery & Litterers In Malta Can Now Be Fined Up To €50,000 🌲

Finally, some good news 💚

A number of harsher fines and legal measures for people found littering or illegally dumping items or construction waste in Malta have just recently been rolled out.

On top of that, a new environment project worth three million euros is aiming on bringing more greenery to Malta’s urban areas.

First, We Reduce ♻️

The fines are being given out depending on size and material, Environmental Minister Aaron Farrugia said today.

Materials like limestone and construction waste, or hazardous waste like asbestos & electronic equipment, are included in the updated list of penalties.

Well. since you asked, the penalties are broken down as follows:

  • €500 minimum fines for discarding large electronic equipment in public places.

  • A fine of €1,000 for the disposal of less than one cubic meter of limestone or construction waste;

  • A fine of €3,000 for over 1 cubic meter of discarded limestone material – increasing for each cubic meter increase up to a maximum of €30,000.

  • A fine of €4,000 for over 1 one cubic meter of construction and demolition waste – up to a maximum of €50,000.

  • If any of the above materials are mixed with hazardous waste such as asbestos, paint, thinner or gypsum, the minimum penalty becomes €6,000.

People found breaking the law repeatedly will be given even harsher fines, while other provisions will be strengthened by widening the scope of confiscation - regarding vehicles and licences used for the illegal disposal of waste.

Next, We Improve

The 3 million urban project is referred to as the “Green & Blue Infrastructure” - it'll focus on developing green recreational areas in three different zones – the housing estate in Ħamrun, Vjal L-Indipendenza in Mosta, and Triq il-Wied in Ħal-Qormi.

The investment was announced as a joint initiative by the previously mentioned Minister , Aaron Farrugia, and Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities, Alex Muscat.

In Qormi, the intervention will take place in the area of a valley which is known to be impacted by rainwater. Next in Ħamrun, the project will be at the heart of the community, in a place where hundreds of families live. Finally in Mosta, the location will be a main road which is also considered to be a commercial zone.

As you can see, these spots will serve to truly benefit the health of residents and improve general wellbeing following the renovations.

Not to mention, as part of this fantastic initiative, a public design & build competition will be launched with proposals chosen based on their environmental and health benefits.

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