• Ryan Calleja Urry

24 Days Of GIVEAWAYS! The Official FreeHour Advent Calendar Helps You Win Big This Christmas 😍🎄

Surpriseee 🎁

FreeHour & our official partners Kebab Factory are here to make your holiday super special.

We wanted to thank our community for a fantastic year, so we decided to give back through daily giveaways (leading up to Christmas) with our brand new ADVENT CALENDAR 😁

So, as you can see above, there'll be two sections in our new Christmas Tab. The "Today" section will showcase today's newly released giveaway, while the "All" section will be a list of every offer we've released so far, available for your browsing pleasure.

🎁 How To WIN! 🎁

christmas giveaway

Let's cut to the chase.

Follow these steps:

1) Update your FreeHour App Here 😉

2) Head to the updated Christmas Tab & browse our daily offers until Christmas 😍

3) Screenshot the offer, post to your Instagram story & follow the relevant Insta accounts to enter the giveaway 😄

We hope you enjoy these giveaways as much as we at FreeHour & Kebab Factory enjoyed putting them together.

Consider all this as a gift from us to you this Christmas. It's been a great year of growth and support from our community and we have much more coming!

Happy Holidays from the FreeHour Team ❤️