• Ryan Calleja Urry

230 Works Are Back With A Safe & Stylish Study Spot, Inc. Free Coffee & 50% Off For FH Students ❤️

You've been locked inside for weeks...wouldn't a change of scene be nice?

Enter 230 Works, a Premiere Café that comes fully equipped with everything you'll ever need during a work or study sesh - whether you're alone or with your friends! 😁

Safety First! 🤿

Before we get into the long list of 230 Works benefits - let's first reassure you on their safety measures. Covid-19 regulations will be strictly followed through: spaced desks (3 metres), a buffet replaced with pre-packaged food items, pre-packed lunches, as well as baristas all having to wear masks.

Why 230 Works ?

Now that you can be sure that you'll be safe at 230 Works, here are just a few reasons why you should visit, and switch to a more modern study spot.

Tasty Snacks & Good Food 🥐

Charging Stations & Fast Wifi ⚡️

Excellent Tea & Coffee ☕️

A Modern & Comfortable Space 🛋

Printing & Scanning Services🖨

Do I get benefits as a FreeHour Student ?

Yes, we got you a 50% student discount on the usual hourly price 😎

Now, you only pay €2.50 an hour for unlimited free-flowing snacks & drinks! 🧃

Want to stay a while? No problem, after 4 hours, every hour is FREE 💰

Want to apply to be a 230 worker and save time?

Our application form can be found here.