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2020 Wasn't All Bad! Here Are 4 Big Ways The EU Has Impacted Malta Positively This Year! 🥰 ✅

Outside Help 🙏

With thousands of untimely deaths, extreme job loss and a global economic dip - this year has been one of the most trying in generations for countries across the globe.

Luckily for Malta though, we form part of the EU - something which brings about a number of significant benefits and perks for countries who choose to be a part of it...


#1 - Climate Neutral? 🤔

Following the European Green Deal - 3 new concrete actions will be implemented with the goal of creating the world's first-ever Climate Neutral continent.

These actions include the EU's Sustainable Investment Plan, which will consist of € 1 Trillion in funding to work on creating new jobs, re-training employees who have lost their old jobs, and striving to reduce emissions and create a better quality of life.


#2 - Wage Supplements? Sure Thing 😉

Malta has received €120 million from the European Commission as part of the SURE programme, to ensure that companies retain their employees during the pandemic.

The programme is an EU instrument to support unemployment risk in emergencies, and will act to subsidise the employee salaries that are struggling to get paid from their companies.

“The goal now is to invest in our economy, so our recovery is strong”

- European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said in an interview with TVM.

Moreover, there'll be a second portion of roughly the same amount, which will be made available very soon, meaning that Malta will receive a total of €244 million from the EU.


#3 - A Post-Pandemic Stimulus Cheque 😲

Malta will soon have access to 2.2 Billion in European funding.

These funds will be used to alleviate unemployment issues caused by the pandemic, as well as help to assemble & implement a comprehensive post-pandemic plan for our islands.

The money of course, will also go towards Malta's infrastructure, meaning improving our roads, institutions, public spaces and workplaces in the coming years - all areas that Malta needs a serious helping hand with.


#4 - Exemplary Coordination ✨

Another way that the EU have significantly helped Malta is through their aid in offering vaccines & vaccine strategies.

The European Commission have taken on this responsibility as a whole, and have dramatically helped by getting Malta hundreds of thousands of doses. A feat which would be an enormously difficult task for just one country to carry out.


One Big Family 🥰

Being part of the EU clearly has it's benefits! Hopefully, Malta makes use of all the available funds on offer in order to make wise decisions that benefit our communities, and improve the quality of life for the average citizen 🙏


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