• Daniel Tihn

Where Is My Stipend?

As every student on the island waits with bated breath for their next stipend, it seems that we will just have to wait that little bit more. With most stipends coming in on Friday's, this months pay cheque will be arriving a tiny bit late but DON'T PANIC, it will be in your hands soon.

Considering most students live from stipend to stipend, budgeting their weekends and school meals according to their meagre income (seriously stop missing so many lectures), stipend coming in a bit late may lead to a couple of heart attacks but don't fret. While most of these €88 (usually less) gifts come in in the mornings, today there seems to be a backlog in the busy offices that is the stipend offices so todays pay will be coming in a bit later today.

The crisis is over so you can all put away your pitch forks, molotov cocktails, and any other riot gear you had handy. Leave a comment about how you are going to spend this months stipend and how urgently you need it.

P.S. We do not control stipend and while we absolutely love receiving messages, we can't fast track the system. Sorry :/