• Zach Ciappara

Facebook to introduce "Dating", with a focus on building long term relationships

Last week Facebook released it's brand new dating feature for the first time, restricted to just Columbia for the time being. The overall goal, according to product manager Nathan Sharp, is “to make Facebook simply the best place to start a relationship online”. In other words their focus would be leaning more towards healthy long-term relationships as opposed to the short-term fling culture associated with other apps like Tinder.

To address a couple of questions you may have:

1. It won't be a separate app, instead it will reside as a dedicated feature within the Facebook app itself.

2. You will have to create a separate profile, based on a total of 9 photos, that will be used within the feature, that only others who've also created a profile will be able to see. You can also choose from a set of ice-breaker questions like “What's your favourite show?” which people will have to respond to in order to start a conversation.

3. After you've finalised your profile, Facebook will then suggest people you may be compatible with based on things like mutual friends and interests, it's important to note though that it will not suggest any people that you already have on your friends list.

4. You can filter suggestions, based on age / height / number of children / religion and so on.

5. You have to be at least 18 to be allowed access.

With business competitors like Tinder boasting a hefty 50 million users a month, this may be a hard market to be successful in. Out of everyone that could do it though, Facebook already has an established 2 billion active users, so we may be looking at the future of online dating if this get's done right.