• Zach Ciappara

FreeHour hits No.1 in App Store in first 2 days

Just 2 days after the launch of our latest update, FreeHour is now the most downloaded app in Malta under all categories.

Top Charts

So, why are students loving FreeHour ?

On Saturday, we introduced the biggest update to FreeHour since the beginning, which brings some super handy features that students are loving. We've also made significant improvements to the existing features such as the Shared Timetable and Stipend Countdown.

Here's whats new...

Groups Icon

Group Scheduling

  • Finding free time between groups of friends has never been easier. Great for assignments study groups.

Reminders Icon

Lecture Reminders

  • Never miss a lecture with custom lecture notifications.

Chat icon

Chat with friends

  • Chat with friends or groups on campus

Student Offers Icon

Student Offers

  • Great offers specifically for students in Malta.

We've also made enhancements to the Student Jobs section along with other parts of the app, making features more accessible and improving the design.

Thank you for all the support!

Keep it coming.


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