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€2 Rides?! 😲 COOL Have An Amazing Student Offer - Plus A Monthly Deal That's Perfect For Exams 🤩

Hot day? Choose COOL ❄️

If you haven't heard, COOL is Malta's first on-demand ride-pooling service that's cutting travel prices all around the island, offering passengers the chance to share their ride with fellow travellers heading in the same direction in order to save money.

Want some stats? COOL's fees are around 30% cheaper than other taxi services. Their rates start from as low as €3.95 a ride - perfect for students on a budget.

Not to mention, their drivers are always on the road, so finding your next ride is always quick and easy - also they're available to use around the clock, 24 / 7 😁


The Special Offer For Students 🎓

Yep - we got you an exclusive discount 😅

Until the end of September, you have one chance to get a ride that's €2 cheaper than usual!

That means you'll be paying a total of just €1.95 🤯

All you need to do is enter the code "freehour2off" ❤️

This offer started at the beginning of August, so don't try and cheat and enter the code twice, it won't work 😉

You can download the app here to enter your code 🔥


The New Cool Passes 🤑

Is the standard €3.95 per ride not cheap enough for you? Not to worry 😉

Introducing Cool Passes. A Cool Pass is like a loyalty card, helping you save money through big discounts. There are 4 passes right now: weekly (normal/private), commuter or monthly.

Sure thing 👇

#1 - Weekly Smart Saver Passes - Normal OR Private Rides 🚕

Unlock a 33% discount on all shared rides anywhere in Malta. The perfect solution for a busy week. Pay €10 a week for the normal discount, and €20 for the private rides discount.


#2 - The Commuter Pass 🚗

For just €169 per month you'll get 2 shared rides per day anywhere in Malta – valid from Monday to Friday. An ideal choice for those commuting to work and back!


#3 - The Monthly Pass 💳

For just €239 per month, you'll get 4 shared rides per day - an ideal choice for students that have exams starting soon and want to save money!

Idea 💡 If you do have exams coming up, try suggesting the above passes to your parents, they might actually prefer giving you money to avoid the hassle of driving you to every single exam!

P.S. The above discounts start when you book your first ride, after buying your respective Pass, not on the date of purchase. Also, the pass cost does not serve as ride credit.


Unlimited Ways To Save 😁

You can save even more money by referring your friends to Cool. The process is actually quite simple too, you just download the app, open the menu on the left, choose "Spread the word" and send your pal your unique code.

Now your friend will receive €10 ride credit immediately. After your friend completes their first ride, you'll also get €10 credit. It's a win-win 😍

Want to refer more than €20 in ride credit? Just click here 😇


Save The Planet, Choose COOL 😎

Not only does ride-sharing help you keep your cash, it also helps save the environment. In fact, Cool has saved the air we breathe from 100,000 kg of CO2 so far - that's no joke!

As a brand, Cool also love to give back to the local community.

During the Covid-19 crisis, they've teamed up with St Jeanne Antide Foundation & Caritas to deliver food to distressed & vulnerable families on multiple occasions. Free rides were also given out to all volunteers ❤️ Very generous to say the least.

Safe travels 🤠


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