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169 Cases VS 2,151 Cases: Comparing Malta's COVID Rules Before & After Our Surge In Cases 🤔

Covid Craze 🤧

With COVID's 7 month anniversary on the island, we thought it would be fun to do a little comparison from where we started to now, it really has been a wild ride.

Here's a lil' breakdown on how it all began, and how it stands. You might be surprised 👀


March 2020 🤢

Back in the good ol' days... not.

March was where it all began, where we were locked up like rapunzel. The friend face-time calls that went on for hours, where tik-tok became cool...

Then, the first case was recorded on March 7th, and schools quickly closed on Friday the 13th... coincidence? 🤔

With 169 Cases In March, Restrictions Were:

  • Only supermarkets were open - shops, restaurants, gyms, etc. were all closed 🚫

  • Schools in Malta CLOSED on the 13th of March and didn't re-open until September/October.

  • March 12th all travel to Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland was banned, travellers from these countries coming home were forced to quarantine for two weeks.

  • March 18th ALL incoming flights were suspended.


November 2020 😷

We made it a whole 7 months guys! Cases on the increase? nah - who cares. This should be a very interesting comparison considering our cases numbers have increased drastically.

With 2,151 Cases In November, Restrictions Are:

  • No lockdown, 6 people maximum maintained through social distancing (2 meters)

  • Masks are obligatory, basically everywhere.

  • Only bars are closed; retail, cafes, cinemas and other activities are all open.

  • Each school has taken a different approach, some are online, some are in-school, and some are combined approach with online lectures and in-school classes

  • Airports reopened in June, and are yet to close since.

  • We now follow red / amber lists, where amber countries are required to show a negative test, and red-listed countries aren't allowed to enter at all. Unfortunately, there's only one red-listed country at the moment - America.


Quite A Difference 😔

Unfortunately, it seems that rules were far more strict when we had fewer cases.

However, there's also the very strong argument that we cannot simply hide inside forever, and that if regulations are too strict we could end up severely damaging our economy.

What do you think? Should regulations get calmer, remain the same, or should we all be heading back to lockdown? 🤔


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