• Ryan Calleja Urry

14 Days Of GIVEAWAYS! 🎁 Daily Prizes Now On FreeHour To Help Cheer Up Students In Quarantine 🥰

Surprise! It's finally time for some good news! 😁

Quarantine is super annoying, we get it. The first few days of annoying your parents & siblings were cool, but now everyone's locked their doors and you're stuck learning TikTok dances all on your own. Horrible.

Soooo, we thought we'd spice up the next 14 days a little with some giveaways 😉

Just like our Christmas Advent Calendar, FreeHour's 14 Days Of Quarantine Giveaways will give YOU the opportunity to win DAILY prizes from Malta's favourite brands!

There'll be a dedicated Quarantine Tab in your FreeHour app where you'll find a New Giveaway released daily that you can take part in!

The "Today" tab will showcase today's brand new prize, while the "All" tab will be a list of every giveaway we've released so far, so you can catch up if you miss one 😇

A Sneak Peek 👀

Above are just a few brands that'll have prizes in our giveaways. We'll be giving away Yeezys from Style Society, Cash from Gadgets, Vouchers from Enervit, Free Meals, and much much more 😍

🎁 How to ENTER 🎁

It's easy 😇 Just follow these steps:

1) Update your FreeHour App Here 😉

2) Head to the Quarantine Tab & browse our Daily Giveaways for the next 14 days 😍

3) Screenshot the giveaway, post to your Instagram story while tagging FreeHour & the partnered brand, then follow the relevant Insta accounts to enter the giveaway 😄

Pro-Tip: Oh BTW, if you want to enter a previous giveaway or enter a particular one multiple times, you can! We're keeping entries open until the end of April! Get screenshotting 💙

We hope these giveaways add some excitement to your quarantine & remember to #StayHome & #StaySafe 🦠

This will all pass 💙