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13-Year-Old Student Kaya Falzon Earns John XXIII Award For Her Consistent Support & Kindness 🥰

Priority #1 - Kindness 🥰

13-year-old Kaya Falzon has just recently been awarded a prize for the kind and generous support she showed towards her friend, Anthea. The 2 students are in their 2nd year of secondary school, at Our Lady Immaculate of Hamrun.

Kaya received the Pope John XXIII Award For Kindness - which has been given out every year for the last 54 years straight. Kaya was chosen for this award out of 34 other nominated students, because of the consistent attention & support she gives to Anthea at school.

Following her friend's help, Anthea, who is dyslexic and has an LSE, immediately started doing better at school and felt much more included in social circles.

“When my LSE did not come, I used to feel lonely, but when Kaya came I started to feel calmer and happier, and stayed with the rest of the group. If I did not understand something she would explain it to me and include me with the rest of the group,” said Anthea.

Upon receiving the prize Kaya was taken aback, saying:

“Li ħadt premju ma stajtx nemmen, għax għalija kemm għentha, kienet xi ħaġa sabiħa, jien dejjem ridt li tħossha li xi ħadd iridha, fil-breaks toqgħod ħdejna u nħobb ngħinha f’dak li jkollha bżonn” fissret Kaya.

Fr Dijonisju Mintoff, who is almost 90 years old and is the founder of the award for kindness, emphasised how much we should appreciate the kindness shown by Malta's youth.

“If we invest in children, it is the biggest investment we can make, it is an investment in the church and the world.”

Some Hope Amid The Pandemic 🤒

Considering how tough this past year has been, and how much student's lives have been disrupted, it's very nice to see our students helping each other out and keeping spirits high.

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