• Ryan Calleja Urry

11 Things Maltese Students Need To Know From The New 2021 Budget 🚨

Some Exciting Updates! 🥳

But also some not so exciting ones...read on for a full breakdown of this year's 2021 Budget with regards to measures affecting student life.

The Good 🥰

Free internet to all students who continue post-secondary studies.

Accommodation for Gozitan students within Villa Lauri in Birkirkara.

A pilot project will be launched whereby MATSEC O / Int / A Level exams will take place at the same venue that students attend school in.

Commitment to the University Sports Complex project, which includes a new indoor athletics track, a full-size football field and Olympic track. There'll also be 2 new buildings, for the Institute for Physical Education & Sports, as well as the School of Performing Arts.

A regulatory overview of online education will be carried out by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education - in order to ensure things are running smoothly.

Making the 4th ferry between Malta and Gozo a permanent feature.

Lastly, a whole new round of vouchers will be issued, this time to be split: €60 for restaurants and €40 for services & goods and other establishments 🥰

The Bad 😠

There was no mention of any financial incentives aimed towards benefitting teachers and professional educators - in face of the countless challenges induced by Coronavirus.

The lack of funding issued towards the Genitourinary clinic, (where sexual diseases are diagnosed) which is facing unprecedented delays in testing & setting appointments.

While there was commitment shown towards the permanence of the fourth ferry, there was no mention of the Gozo fast ferry which was promised in the most recent electoral manifesto.

The 20-hour limit for working students receiving a stipend was not addressed once again, further discouraging some of the most hardworking and in need among us.

Credit to KSU, SDM & Pulse for disseminating the above information.

I Mean, At Least There Was Some Good News Right? 😒

in light of the current pandemic, the reception of this year's budget seems to be quite a positive one. We'd like to know though, were your issues addressed? Let us know.

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