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11-Page MCAST Regulations For COVID - Summarised For Students! πŸŽ“

Back to school πŸ˜”

The Corona-related regulations for MCAST have recently been released in a 11-page document, below is a quick summary of all the most important points πŸ‘‡

Arriving On Campus 🏫

#1 - Stay home if you have any COVID-related symptoms.

#2 - Temperature checks when you arrive (anything over 37.2Β°C and you'll be sent home).

#3 - Frequent handwashing with soap or hand sanitizer is recommended.

#4 - A mask/visor is required to be worn in all indoor public spaces at all times.

#5 - Cough and sneeze into your arm or a tissue.

#6 - Maintain social distancing (1.5m apart )

Lectures πŸ“

#1 - Lectures will be held on campus as much as possible.

#2 - Online platforms will be used when necessary.

#3 - First-year students will be prioritised for in-person lectures and those at MQF Level 1 - 4.

#4 - Maximum of 15 people per class (depending on space size)

#5 - A mask must be worn in all classes unless told otherwise.

Campus Rules 😱

#1 - Maintain social distancing in all bathrooms.

#2 - Use staircases whenever possible, stay socially distanced if you use the elevator.

#3 - Try to communicate with supervisors and teachers online (eg. skype, zoom & email)

#4 - Masks to be worn in the canteen, chairs & tables should be wiped before & after use.

#5 - Put hand sanitizer on when you enter the canteen (it will be provided)

#6 - Only individuals can study in the library.

P.S. An important thing to note is that in case of a COVID outbreak, MCAST have said that they may close down the school, provide an extensive level of sanitisation & even offer online learning.

Any questions? πŸ€”

We'll be keeping you informed as things progress. You can find the full document here πŸ™Œ

If any of the above regulations have confused you, or if you have any general queries or thoughts, please be sure to contact MCAST on 2398 7100 πŸ“ž

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