• Ryan Calleja Urry

10 Instagram Videos You Haven't Seen From The Ongoing Australia Bushfires Tragedy 😭🚨

As you might have heard, Australia are going through a very tough time at the moment, with over 500 million animals having died in the devastating fires and thousands losing their homes. Below are a few videos encapsulating everything that's going on, as well as donation links at the end so you can make an impact.

1. Fighting Fires 👨‍🚒

2. Lonely Cub 🐻

3. Red Skies 😡

4. A Rainy Relief 🌧

5. Sign Of The Times 💔

6. Kanga Cuddles 🥺

7. Intense Infernos 🚒

8. Koala Care 🐨

9. Driving Through A Nightmare 🔥

10. A Call For Action 🚨

How To Help Right Now 🏥

Australia is in desperate need right now, please encourage your family and your friends to donate and help out the thousands of people that have lost their homes, as well as the hundreds of millions of animals that have died.

You Can Help By Donating! 💸

Here: NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades (20 million raised)

or here: WIRES-Emergency Fund for Wildlife (200,000 raised)

or even here: Australian Red Cross - Disaster Relief and Recovery