• Ryan Calleja Urry

10 Unanswered Questions & Problems Surrounding The Upcoming O/A-Level Exam Sessions 🤔

In recent statements made by student bodies SDM & Pulse, several new guidelines were released detailing how MATSEC exams will be taking place in the coming sessions.

Unfortunately, while the new information we've received does paint a clearer picture, there are still many concerns being expressed by the student community.

Below are a quick compilation of the problems we're still facing 👇

#1 - How do we know if the staff themselves are not carriers and asymptomatic? Will they all be tested beforehand?

#2 - Will ACs and proper ventilating equipment be implemented?

#3 - If the May exam sessions were cancelled at far fewer active COVID cases, how are these sessions carrying on?

#4 - If the case rate of the virus was far lower in May, and now the rate is the 9th highest in all of Europe, how are these sessions carrying on?

#5 - If, according to health standards, masks are compulsory around Malta - how have they now become 'optional' in exam rooms?

#6 - Thousands of students will be in close proximity throughout these sessions, how will this not result in a huge spike in cases?

#7 - High temperatures may not show on asymptomatic students or staff, suggesting that virus carriers could be walking among students.

#8 - What about students who live with family members that are vulnerable to the virus?

#9 - If a student begins coughing or sneezing excessively, will they be escorted out of the exam? Many students will feel uncomfortable.

#10 - What extra precautions will be taken for students that are susceptible to the virus, like those with asthma, or immune disorders?

One student commented, "As an asthmatic who has anxiety I feel totally uncomfortable in a room which is probably not sanitized, with people I don’t know surrounding me"

Students find it hard to focus during exams in general, let alone inside a hot class with no air conditioning. Let alone during the peak of a global pandemic that's particularly bad locally.

This is a developing story, we'll keep you informed as things progress.

Have you seen Malta's new COVID measures?

You can find them here 😷