10 Techy Presents That Every Maltese Student Needs This Christmas 🌲 🎅

christmas discounts

Christmas season is approaching fast, and at Intercomp, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to gift options for your loved ones. Not only do they have a wide selection of affordable gift ideas, but you'll earn Lava Rewards with every purchase, which can be redeemed for even more items!

“Wait, what are Lava Rewards?" Well, by downloading the Lava Rewards app, any purchase you make at Intercomp Malta (and any other participating stores) will result in points added to your account - which you can then exchange for discounts at any of the listed stores; including Aldo Shoes, The Atrium, Homemate, and many more.

Most of the items on this list can be found in the bargain section of the Intercomp website, so keep in mind that you'll be saving loads of money, plus, Intercomp have a super convenient easy payment scheme to boot 😇

1. Dell 24″ Gaming Monitor

- was €349.00, now €299.00

gaming monitor

Everyone loves good graphics. Why not treat yourself to some high-end specs this Christmas? Whether you love gaming or watching movies in crisp HD, this piece of tech is perfectly suited to boost your experience through its quality smooth display. Not to mention, this model comes with tilt, pivot, swivel & height-adjustable features, so comfort is a given.

Buy it here and get:

2. A Series 5 Apple Watch

- was €510.00, now €459.00

apple watch

A classic piece with a modern twist. The Apple watch strives to do more than just tell you the time, it also wants to keep you as healthy and connected as possible. With an in-built heart monitor, fantastic battery life, activity sharing with friends, new ways to use Siri, as well as intelligently designed messaging and music streaming functionality - it's basically a mini iPhone living on your wrist.

Buy it here and get:

lava rewards

3. A Budget DSLR Camera

- was €435.00, now €385.00

camera equipment discounts

Buying a camera was one of the best decisions I've ever made. You underestimate how many moments in life you forget, a camera helps you capture these moments so you can look back on them fondly in the future. What is a life of experiences if you can't remember living it? If you forget all the little spots you visited, and the people you spoke to along the way?

Photography is a lovely hobby that you can share with your friends and family to make any event a memorable one. Treat yourself to a camera this Christmas 😊

Buy it here and get:

4. The PC Setup Upgrade

- was 129.90, now 99.80

gaming setup

Whether you're a guy that loves gaming, or a gal that wants to add some flair to her PC setup, this sh*t looks cool either way. It's not just an aesthetic upgrade btw, the keyboard sports backlit keys and an ergonomic design, while the headset offers an enhanced surround sound experience with good insulation from any outside noise.

The best part? You can get everything shown below for less than €100 in total.

Headset (now 59.90) - https://bit.ly/2pC53O7

Keyboard & Mouse (now 39.90) - https://bit.ly/2QBY2HX

5. A Comfy Desk Chair

- was €179.00, now €149.00

gaming chair

Again, this isn't just for people who like gaming. If you spend any time at home at your desk you'll benefit from this chair. It's got high-density foam and was ergonomically designed for proper back and lumbar support. Remember, more comfortable seating reduces the number of times you have to get up and stretch, no one likes back pain in their teens / 20s.

Buy it here and get:

6. A Super Bundle! - LG 43″ | PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB | FIFA 20 | Free SOG Elite H40 Gaming Headset

- was €984.00, now €884.00

ps4 games

The ultimate Christmas package, a full setup including free headphones. It's beautiful. A great option for people who'd like to get into gaming, or as a gift to a younger cousin / friend.

Buy it here and get:

lava rewads

7. A Nintendo Switch Lite

- €249

nintendo switch

This is a great gift. Give your friends or little cousins the gift of playing on the go!

Nintendo have created a super compact device with a sleek design, rocking over 2,000 different classic and modern games (and counting). They've got Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Zelda & waaaay more.

Buy it here and get:

8. The Apple iPad Air 3

- was €600.00, now €589.00

apple ipad air 3

This device is super portable & lightweight, making it perfect for note-taking in class. The redesigned Retina display isn't just brighter & less reflective, it’s also far more responsive. Meaning it offers a better overall experience in all aspects of use; smoother, faster & more efficient.

Movies look beautiful on this device, battery life is better than ever and the front and back cameras let you take stunning photos & 1080p HD videos. If you haven't made the leap yet, this model makes it the perfect time.

Buy it here and get:

9. Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Bluetooth Speaker

- was €89.00, now €79.00

bluetooth speaker

This option is tiny and affordable but packs a punch. It has impressive volume, is completely waterproof and floats. It's also super sturdy in terms of overall build quality. A great option for any of your outdoor adventures or indoor post-study dance parties.

Buy it here and get:

10. Dell G5 15″ 5590 Gaming Laptop

- was €2,099.00, now €1,899.00

Okay, this last one is actually just for gamers. Up to 8GB GDDR6 dedicated memory, i7 processors, dual-fan cooling, dual-speaker system, the specs are top-of-the-range. Upgrade your gaming experience and enjoy a much more immersive, responsive and exciting experience with this stellar model from Intercomp.

Buy it here and get:

lava rewards

Apart from the above 10 items, Intercomp have loads of other items at low rates, make sure to check out their full stock on their official website.