10 Addicting Netflix Series For Students To Binge Watch During School Lockdown 🍿

We get it, quarantine is tough.

We also understand that as a sane person, you obviously won't be spending this month off from school to study, because that would be ridiculous. So, we have a few ideas for you...

Get ready to save some shows to your "My List" on Netflix ❤️

#1 - Love, Death & Robots 🤖

This show is super addicting. Episodes are non-sequential, meaning you can pick any one and start watching, kind of like Black Mirror. Apart from every episode telling a different story, they're also all directed in completely different animation styles, which is pretty cool.

Also, it's quite NSFW (not safe for work) - but you're quarantined right now so who cares 😂

Average Episode Length: bite sized, 5 - 20 minutes

#2 - Altered Carbon (New Season Available)

If you're a fan of interstellar action sequences and futuristic love stories in space, this new season of Altered Carbon is for you. It features new lead actor Anthony Mackie (the guy that plays The Falcon in Avengers) who puts on a stellar performance in one of his first long-form Hollywood acting gigs.

Average Episode Length: long, 40 minutes

#3 - On My Block (New Season Available)

Ever wanted to know what Junior College in Los Angeles would be like?

Say no more. This comedy / drama series takes you through the ups and downs of four street-savvy kids as they make their way through adolescence in an eventful inner-city neighbourhood.

Average Episode Length: short, 25 minutes

#4 - Ugly Delicious 🌮

Not sure if it's just me, but I love a good cooking show. Not only do you get to see more from other cultures but you also learn alot about how diverse food can really be.

In this series, Celebrity chef & overall goofball David Chang is here to search for the world’s most satisfying foods on this taste-bud teasing show.

If you don't fall in love with the food, you'll definitely fall in love with him 🤣

Average Episode Length: long, 50 minutes

#5 - Elite (New Season Available)

Maltese students are raving about this one in particular. To warn you, it's a Spanish show with English subtitles, but it's one of those that's actually worth watching.

In short, it's pretty similar to the aforementioned '"On The Block" in that it's set in a secondary school for the upper class, the twist here though is that there's way more sex and wayyyy more murder.

Viewer's discretion is advised 😇

Average Episode Length: long, 50 minutes

#6 - Impractical Jokers 😂

Alright time to lighten the mood.

Self-isolation getting you down? These guys are guaranteed to put a smile on your face in minutes with some impractical jokes done in public places. If you haven't heard of this show by now you're definitely living under a rock, it's genuinely hilarious.

Do yourself a favour, get with the times and start this series ASAP.

Average Episode Length: short, 20 minutes

#7 - Dark 👀

If you were a Stranger Things fan, Dark is right up your alley. It's a mystery / thriller based around two children that have seemingly vanished overnight in a small German town. It's another foreign adapted show so make sure your subtitles are on.

There's also some spooky supernatural trippy sh*t that happens, why not right?

Average Episode Length: long, 50 minutes

#8 - Limitless 🧠

What would happen if you could swallow a pill that instantly made you a genius? Brian Finch is a lovable yet average guy that lands a job at the FBI after getting himself involved with smart-drug NZT. This show is hilarious, but also extremely smart in it's writing & pacing.

The storyline is based on a popular film of the same name that was so successful they made it into it's own show too, if you've seen the film you'll love this.

If you're a fan of shows that keep you intrigued and make you laugh, please watch Limitless.

Average Episode Length: medium, 40 minutes

#9 - Top Boy 🔫

Drake is the executive producer of this show, so you may have already heard of it. If not, it's a gritty story of two brothers living in the underground UK drug scene.

It's a bloody & action-packed climb to the top of the food chain & you won't regret the watch.

Average Episode Length: long, 50 minutes

#10 - Our Planet 🦒

Finally, we have this David Attenborough natural history series, which is yet another magical exploration of our planet best-described in stunning video. It goes in-depth on the extraordinary tactics and DNA traits that various species on our planet have evolved with to stay alive in harsh conditions.

We all love nature documentaries, don't lie to yourselves, especially when this guy narrates!

Average Episode Length: long, 50 minutes

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