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1,300 People Were Fined For Not Wearing Masks In The Last 7 Days, LESA Confirms 💸 😷

Malta GOV Getting Real 🙅‍♀️

Things are getting serious. With the government tightening restrictions every day due to our ongoing surge in cases, mandatory masks fines are now being strongly enforced 😷

What's Going on? 🤷

According to Malta's newly-released measures, people now have to wear masks everywhere in public settings. Unfortunately, some individuals are just flat out refusing

“A lot of fines were issued, however, this means we have more work to do collectively,” - Svetlick Flores, LESA's Chief Executive.

With a whopping number 1,296 fines being issued between 26th October and 1st November, many are worried that people aren't taking Covid-19 seriously enough, even with our recent huge increase of cases.

“We would like to reach a situation where no fines are issued because we’re ultimately not here to fine people but to enforce the legal notices that are periodically issued.”

Mask checks are being carried out in shops, streets, streets and even public transport such as the Gozo channel. checks are taking The fine is €100 though can potentially be lowered to €50 if it's paid before proceedings 💰

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