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1,100kg+ Gathered In 1 Day By Malta's Dedicated Beach Cleanup Organisation, Saving Our Blue 🐢

Never Too Late To Start Helping 😇

If your lifestyle isn't currently very eco-friendly, we'd like you to understand that it can be with very minimal effort from your end. Today, we'll delve into a local initiative aimed at reversing the damage done to our ocean, one event at a time...

What Is Saving Our Blue? 🌊

Since June 2019, the MECP (Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning) has directed its efforts towards battling marine litter through the Saving Our Blue campaign - with the aim to further educate & encourage the public to stop littering, reduce waste generation, and avoid the use of single-use items.

Each year, ocean pollution makes up 60 to 90 percent of the litter that accumulates on shorelines, the sea surface and the seafloor.

The most common items are cigarette butts, plastic bags, fishing gear, and food & drink containers. Not only is this horrible for marine life, it also enters the human food chain through fish consumption.

The Mission Statement ♻️

Unless action is taken now, our seas will be ruined by plastic in the very near future. In fact, at this rate, by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans.

The Saving Our Blue campaign seeks to address the main causes of the problem through: 

#1 - Educating and engaging citizens,   #2 - Collaborating with NGOs and the private sector,  #3 - Promoting a unified call to action, that supports national movements to inspire change.

An Action-Packed Summer ☀️

For Saving Our Blue, this summer was full of non-stop cleanup events from start to finish. Not only were these done to directly fight the plastic problem, but to raise awareness on the severity of the issues at hand.

There were also joint events held with other NGO's like #Zibel - where unique dive cleanups were done. Here, volunteers dove to the bottom of the Maltese seafloor and picked up various litter and unwanted items, creating a healthier environment for our local ecosystem.

A total of 1,103.7 KG of waste were collected on World Cleanup Day in partnership with #Zibel, with over 5,262.9 KG of waste being collected over the summer.

With the above information in hand, as well as the data collected during all the 2019 cleanups - the MECP (who organises these events) will be taking the opportunity to develop new policies for a sustainable future.

Join The Fight 🌎

Ignoring the problem means being a part of it. There are plenty of ways you can make a difference: you can buy portable ashtrays, separate your waste into appropriate recycle bins, avoid single-use plastics and so on.

For a full list of easy-to-implement ideas, click here ❤️

Let’s be part of the Solution, not the Pollution 😉

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