How to use Google Calendar with FreeHour


FAQ 1 : 
How do I import my timetable from Google Calendar?

Step 1:  Update the FreeHour app to the latest version 

Step 2: Go to FreeHour settings

Step 3: Tap 'Import Timetable'

Step 4: Sign in with your Google account

Step 5: Choose your calendar from the list

Your timetable will now import automatically - return to the timetable tab to see it. 

Note: If your timetable does not show, make sure there are events within the next 7 days.

Google Calander Settings.png
Freehour import.png

FAQ 2 : 
How does sync work?

Google Calendar Updating.png

Once you've imported your timetable, FreeHour will automatically sync the next 7 days in your Google Calendar.


When changes are made from the Calendar, they will immediately be reflected on Freehour and you will also receive a pop up that alerts you of the changes.

P.S. You can also pull down to refresh your timetable at any time 😉