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FreeHour is a mobile app that allows students attending ALL 6th forms & Universities in Malta to have a singular app for all their student needs, such as their timetable, weekly assignments, exams along with job opportunities & weekly student discounts.


On top of this, FreeHour also produces hundreds of pieces of content on its social channels which inform, educate & engage thousands of students every day & has become the No.1 source of media for students in Malta.

Operating in both Malta & Italy, FreeHour helps some of the coolest brands in the country to promote their product or service to the 15-26 year old demographic, the FreeHour way.

Used by over 21,500+ Maltese students, the platform captures over 90% of the entire Sixth Form & University base, making it the largest student platform on the island.

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As shown above, FreeHour has managed to obtain a very significant following on all our platforms, cementing us as the largest student community on the island.


In 2020 alone, we've risen from 10,000 Instagram followers in January to 17,000 in July - an average growth of over 1,000 new students every 4 weeks.

Thanks to this strong following, we've also managed to maintain a consistent 1 million content views every single week throughout all of 2020, with 250,000 of those views being on our paid sponsored content.

Thanks to this, the platform has also won the MCA Best App Of The Year Award in 2019, the Trade Malta International Business Award, as well as hitting the No.1 spot in the App Store multiple times.

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