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230 Works are Malta's Premiere co-working café, offering FreeHour students a modern workspace that'll make studying for exams a breeze.


  • Tasty Snacks Good Food 
  • Charging Stations & Fast Wifi 
  • Excellent Tea & Coffee
  • A Modern & Comfortable Space

  • Free Printing & Scanning

Do I get benefits as a FreeHour student ?

  • Yes, we got you a 50% student discount on the usual hourly price.

  • Now, you only pay 2.50 an hour for unlimited free-flowing snacks & drinks!

  • Want to spend the day? No problem, after  4 hours, every hour is completely FREE


to receive your discount & avoid the hassle of signing up in person.


Upgrade Your Studies With 230 Works

Thank you!

You're officially signed up under the 230 Works Student Scheme & can now enjoy the discounted €2.50 price.

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