365 days later.

Est. 15th March 2017

Zach Ciappara


The origins.

Three years ago while attending Junior College, my friends and I used to experience the problem of constantly comparing timetables to try find common free lessons. It was a simple problem that most students complained about, however there was no available solution - that's where it all started. 
The first app designs date back to 2015, when at the time FreeHour was a secret project called MyTable.

Soft Launch.

After several months of planning logistics, marketing strategies & app development, FreeHour was set to be completed a few days before launch day on 15th March 2017.
Just on time, FreeHour made it onto the App Store and the launch was set to start.

Day 1.

For FreeHour's official launch day, we teamed up with Plastic Moments and captured over 200 polaroid photos of students around campus.
FreeHour ended the day with over 700 downloads.

Summer '17.

Big things happened between June and August.
FreeHour won a €22K grant for best startup pitch from MITA Innovation Hub which allowed the further development and growth.
Lovin Malta also became a FreeHour investor and FreeHour Ltd. was incorporated in August 2017.
After a busy summer developing FreeHour's biggest update yet and planning the hard launch, Freshers Week 2017 commenced.
After launching at University of Malta, Junior College, Higher Secondary and other local institutions FreeHour hit 10,000 downloads within just a few days into the scholastic year.

Freshers Week.


In 2018, FreeHour has continued to see substantial growth in downloads, reaching 16,500 downloads earlier this month.
FreeHour recently celebrated the app being used over 1 Million times by giving away Ryanair flights to two lucky app users.
FreeHour has also been nominated for The MCA eBusiness Awards for Best App of 2017. 
We are now working with our start clients which represent many big brands by offering them effective ways to target students in Malta with their products.

Our Star Clients

What's next?

We've been listening closely to user feedback and requests and have some big improvements on the way for this scholastic year.
We’re also planning another exciting update for next October's Freshers Week, stay tuned!
Advertising packages for 2018 - 2019 are currently being finalised and will be available shorty.

Thank you.

Zach Ciappara